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Carsey Sage Simmons [MTT Ref] by wyomingcrazy101 Carsey Sage Simmons [MTT Ref] by wyomingcrazy101
holy shit I actually won--

Full Name: Carsey Sage Simmons

Nickname: Cars (her best friend), Simmy

Sex: Female

Species: MTT/Yol mix

Age: 23

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Birth date: December 15th


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160lbs

Blood color: Pink, like her markings

Eyes: Her eyes are a light grey-ish blue with hints of green mixed in.

Saliva: Blue Raspberry

Ears: Short and pudgy. She doesn’t really like them because she thinks they’re ‘stupid dwarf ears,' but of course she's just kidding.


Hair color: Hot Pink, a few platinum blond strands can be found mixed in the under layers.

Hair style: Wavy. Very Long, really thick. She usually has it braided, but on really lazy days she just runs a brush through it and deems it acceptable.

Body build: Really tall for a girl. Durable. She's fairly skinny, although she's not very fit. Working out is not her thing.

Gait: Loose. Head and eyes are always darting around to look at something, causing her to lose balance, trip over her own tail, or run into a pole. All three happen quite often. She's a total dork//klutz, but she gets away with it because she's kinda cute. Sometimes she adds a random skip in between her steps, on good days. On bad days she tries to be as invisible as possible, and her shoulders shrink up to her ears. She usually has books with her on bad days and tucks them tight into her chest, saving them for if she gets angry.

Other: Right handed

Voice: Selective mute, in a way. She refuses to talk to strangers that intimidate her, which is basically everyone, but there are a select few she cares to acknowledge and even talk to. Once she gets comfortable with you, she has a dry sense of speaking and tells you what she thinks. Usually she just likes to listen to what new people have to say, or sit next to them and enjoy their company. A lot of people find her awkward, but she doesn't really care.

Mannerisms: Chews her nails. Twirls her hair when nervous. Hides in her room when mad. Spastic leg.

Clothes: likes bigger sweatshirts that she can hide in when in public. Although she does like to dress up some days.


Personality: Around strangers Carsey's an extreme introvert to the point where she refuses to speak to them, not out of disrespect, but out of fear of rejection- except for the select few she picks out, say, at the Library or coffee shop, and those are the only people she will acknowledge that she does not know very well. She tries not to acknowledge people and remains in her own bubble of a world. With her friends she's very loyal and even talkative. She has very few friends and loves them to death. (+ various quirks on ref sheet)


Best traits: her loyalty, dry sense of humor, interest in many things, pride in being a nerd//outcast, intelligence, passion for little things in life, artistic abilities

Worst traits: her extreme introvert personality to strangers can be pushed to far, sarcastic, tends to believe people dislike her with few facts to prove it, mumbling, stuttering, hard time putting words together to voice an opinion strongly


First impression usually given: Quiet, Nerdy, Cute

Relationship status: In a relationship with Morganite as of March 29th (… )


Education level: College

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, although her quirky nature leads people to believe she may not be all right in the head. Fairly wise, even for her age.

Skills: Sign language

Occupation: Currently works for a Graphic Design business, but she's also very interested in animation and is not half bad at it.


Good habits: Keeps apartment clean and orderly. Has a messy organization, but it doesn't look half bad.

Bad habits: Sometimes stays up to the ungodly hours of the night without noticing it, forgets to turn lights off, stutters and mumbles when nervous or feeling oppressed//intimidated, tripping over her own tail

Likes: Mint Ice Cream, books, TV shows, hats, sweaters, fuzzy socks, leggings, converse, dark rooms with warm lighting, fireplaces, being alone, the smell of pine scented candles, snow (although she's never seen it), drawing on everything, pencils, old history of earth, bows and arrows, people who understand that she doesn't have to be bubbly and loud to be likable, superheroes, people who can pull off cussing and make it sound good, comics, stuffed animals, action figures, blankets, her bed, food in general, cuddling, movies, music, AND PANCAKES. YES PANCAKES.

Dislikes: Being teased, loud people, violence, people who push her to speak and interact, people singing over the music, constant critics, cheese, math, wildfires, smoking//drugs in general, alcohol, casseroles of any kind, overly organized people, having windows open, loud noises, heights. She has an extreme fear of heights. 

Free time: drawing, doodling, reading, watching movies, watching TV shows, listening to music, napping, going to the local coffee shop and seeing if any friendly strangers she's seen before happen to be there, library


Social skills: In public by herself, she shuts down and doesn't acknowledge other people. She is not rude to them, in fact, she will smile at some people and even wave, but any other social interaction is trying to her patience. Yet with her friends she loves to make them laugh and talk about anything and everything. Very opinionated but has trouble voicing her opinions. When she gets embarrassed she usually hides her head in her arms and blushes madly.

Favorite food: Strawberry Short Cake


Small bio: Carsey was a very bubbly and outgoing kid in her early years. She always had something to say and loved talking to people. Her intelligence was always showing and her words flowed like a song. Her parents were fairly wealthy, with both of them being doctors. Her mother was a Yol and Her father was an MTT, thus making her a MTT/Yol mix, along with her older sister, Adilee. Adilee was three years older than her, but they were inseparable from birth. When Carsey's obvious liking for girls rather than boys got her into bullying situations, Adilee was always there to stick up for her little sister, and Carsey always admired her for that.

The summer after Carsey graduated from Middle School, Adilee was killed by a brain tumor that had gone unnoticed by her family. Carsey's bubbly, social butterfly demeanor was replaced with a quiet and dry personality. She was depressed for quite some time, and often pondered suicide, but never brought herself to do it. There was still something she loved about life, and she let her drawings speak her emotions. She dated an MTT girl when she was in her middle teenage years, and although the relationship did not last, she helped Carsey with being more open and enjoying life a bit more, and continuously encouraged her to draw and spill all her feelings onto the paper.

Many times she drew her sister, and she saved every single piece. Slowly she fought her depression and became a bit more likable and open, though she was still very quiet and never shook off her introvert personality. She doesn't care though, she has some pride in it.

Her obsession with drawing soon led her to discover digital art, and graphic design. After graduating high school she went to a college specifically for art and pursued Graphic Design, but she also dabbled in animation. After graduation she immediately landed herself a job with a Graphic Design business in Junction City. She makes a fair amount of money and lives well in the upper levels of Junction City in a cute yet modern apartment. She currently resides there today.

MTTs and Yols // #91's design (c) :iconannicron: MTTs are a closed species. You can not make one yourself.

Art (c) :iconwyomingcrazy101: // me

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I absolutely adore her!
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